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Future Stars • Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Lyrical • Contemporary • Hip Hop • Musical Theatre • Acro 
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Future Stars (3-4 year old girls and boys) – Nothing steals the show like a Future Star! Our Future Stars Program focuses on beginning dance movements, terminology and learning basic choreography –all with an emphasis on fun! 
Tap – Want to make music with your feet? Tap is a fantastic class for dancers from 4 to 94! Not only is it a great way to learn rhythm and timing which complements any other dance discipline, with the help of our tap shoes we can hear our success! Tap is also a fantastic work out for adults and a sure way to impress your friends! 
Jazz – Feeling groovy? Jazz ranges from Broadway Fosse style of dance to more leaps, turns and jumps which gained popularity in the 90’s and continues today. Jazz is based on elements of ballet and modern dance, incorporating syncopation and isolations of the body. Dancers work on gaining strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, musicality & performance skills. 
Ballet – And it all starts with Ballet! Graceful and beautiful, Ballet is the foundation for all dance disciplines. A classical dance form demanding grace, precision, formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. 
Lyrical/Contemporary – Storytelling set to music! Lyrical and/or Contemporary dance combines the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity and expressiveness of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. Lyrical is focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. 
Hip Hop Werrkk it! - is a popular high energy class that uses the latest music combined with movement & choreography inspired by today's hottest music artists, music videos and tours.
Musical Theatre/Song and Dance – For Broadway stars in the making! Using the Triple Threat idea of singing, acting and dancing, Musical Theatre and/or Song and Dance joins the technique required in multiple dance disciplines with the opportunity to sing and act. 
Acrobatics – Next stop – Cirque du Soliel! Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Acro dancers work on improving strength and flexibility while learning some tumbling as well as dance choreography.
Recreational Dance Team – Recreational dance affords the opportunity for excellent dance technique training for all dancers looking to take dance for the fun and experience. Every recreational dancer will learn a dance routine and will have the opportunity to perform in the year end recital! 
Competitive Dance Team – Competitive dance is ideal for the dancer who just loves to get out on the stage at any opportunity. Each dancer will have the opportunity to perform in 5 local dance competitions and receive constructive feedback from certified adjudicators as well as perform in the year end recital!